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From Beijing, China to Monterey, California to Baku, Azerbaijan, and back to Washington, DC: I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world and share with others the cure for boredom.


[The Author in her happy place (surrounded by books), on the Great Wall of China, in Monterey, California and in Baku, Azerbaijan]

Growing up my family was lucky enough to travel often. While my parents would immerse themselves in a museum or local historical site, learning about their latest region of interest, I would (as embarrassing as this is now) often complain of boredom.  My mother and father would counter these complaints with one suggestion: READ.  And thus began my lifelong, love-hate relationship with books, magazines, and journals; love because they have fueled all aspects of my life (social, academic, professional) and hate because there is not enough time in the day.

This is my opportunity to share with others what I have read lately, and what I am contributing to others’ reading list.

Books, journals, news articles, policy reports, and random commentaries all play a role; Separate, but not quite equal, nothing is ever off limits.

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