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Postgraduate Research

In 2015 I joined the Department of East Asian Studies in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds in Leeds, United Kingdom. As such, my full time role is as a fully funded researcher, under the supervision of the wonderful Professor Christopher Dent, examining the role of trade governance in renewable energy development. I broadly focus on the entire Asia-Pacific, however, my greatest strength lies in China.

Using a multidisciplinary study of economics, political science, international relations and business, my unique PhD research seeks to provide context to the government implementation of trade policies that often precede renewable energy utilization.

Ultimately, my research will attempt to identify obstacles to the increased exchange of renewable energy technologies between the Asia-Pacific and the EU, contrasting the success and failure of renewable energy utilization in developed and emerging economies. I hope to provide prescriptions for ways that governments may incentivize technology sharing between energy business developers and emerging economies, as well as identify the trade policies and theoretical approaches that offer the best case for optimizing renewable energy’s contribution in addressing climate change and energy security challenges.

I am intrigued by the intersection of trade policy, the actual trade of new technologies (between companies but across countries), and the incentives for increasing renewable energy use as a result of a changing global climate. I love to debate these issues, and I look forward to seeing this area of research and understanding expand.

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