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48950238686_346936c9ce_o-1Dr. Richardson-Barlow has contributed to two book publications and authored multiple policy briefs, reports, articles, white papers and conference papers on economic, energy and trade topics with a focus in the Asia-Pacific. She frequently works with international research organisations to provide expertise at the intersection of climate, development, and energy policy. These include the Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century (REN21), the Asian Development Bank, and the Associate for Southeast Asian Nations’ Centre for Energy (ACE), among others. 

Below is a very brief selection of academic & policy publications. A more detailed and up-to-date list is available on request.

Report: Energy Research for a Green Recovery (Co-author)
Co-authored with Dr. Peter Taylor (University of Leeds), June 2020

This research examines the role of the University of Leeds’ energy research in supporting the UK’s green recovery post-covid.

Report: Asia and the Pacific Renewable Energy Status Report (Special Advisor & contributing author)
Co-authored for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century (REN21), November 2019

This research examines the status of renewable energy integration in the Asia-Pacific, including an in-depth analysis of 13 countries and the economic and energy policies contributing to the region’s fight against climate change and associated impacts.

White Paper & policy materials: Trading Renewable Energy Through the ASEAN Power Grid (Co-Author)
Co-authored with Beni Suryad (ASEAN Centre for Energy) and Dr. Yanfei Li (ERIA, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia), August 2018

This research, including an internal white paper, policy summary and blog post (at the link) explores the prospects for deeper energy market integration (EMI) in ASEAN, the ASEAN power grid’s (APG) current progress, and barriers to further EMI & APG development. It is concluded that an all-inclusive approach that incorporates a mix of economic policies and incentives, will have the greatest impact on global and regional EMI and the successful development of the APG. This research was a collaborative effort by ERIA & ACE.

Article: Trade in Clean Energy: Bridging the Governance Gap (Co-Author)
Co-authored with Dr. Christopher Dent
The National Bureau of Asian Research, June 2016

Clean energy trade offers a unique, economically oriented policy solution to global climate challenges and will facilitate the greater deployment of clean energy technologies. Increased trade in clean energy technologies will allow companies to expand production capacity and further open up clean energy markets to healthy economic competition. Due to its global coverage, record of successful trade facilitation, and role as arbitrator of trade disputes, the World Trade Organization (WTO) offers the best framework within which to strengthen global trade and climate governance; yet important improvements must be made to achieve these goals.

Report: Strengthening Markets for Energy and Environmental Security (Project Manager, Contributing Author)
The National Bureau of Asian Research, October 2015

The 2015 Pacific Energy Summit took place in Beijing, China on May 27-29, convening 200 senior representatives from government, industry and academia to discuss market based solutions to energy and environmental challenges in the Asia-Pacific. The Summit Report, “Strengthening Markets for Energy and Environmental Security,” provides an overview of the invitation-only Summit and offers policy solutions to these global challenges. The Report can be downloaded from NBR’s website here.

Article: Charting the Course to a Secure and Clean Energy Future (Project Manager, Contributing Author)
The National Bureau of Asian Research, January 2015

The implications of changes to the global energy landscape have become increasingly clear, and 2015 may be the year in which dramatic steps are taken and possible solutions are found. This article is one of 15 written for the National Bureau of Asian Research predicting how 2015 will shape the Asia-Pacific, and it is available to read in detail here.

Report: New Frontiers in Trans-Pacific Energy Trade (Project Manager, Contributing Author)
The National Bureau of Asian Research, June 2014

New Frontiers in Trans-Pacific Energy Trade is the culmination of the 2014 Pacific Energy Forum, which gathered leading experts from Asia, the United States, and Canada to assess the key policy questions that North America and Asia face in determining the future trans-Pacific energy relationship. The 2014 Forum report provides a synopsis of the 2 day Forum, offering insight into the high level, invitation-only event. This gripping conference report can be downloaded from NBR’s website, here.

Report: Myanmar’s Growing Regional Role  (Project Manager, Contributing Author)
The National Bureau of Asian Research, March 2014

Myanmar’s ongoing political and economic reforms have paved the way for expanded engagement with Southeast Asia and the world. In this new NBR Special Report, leading experts explore the issues surrounding Myanmar’s re-emergence as a regional power and outline implications for U.S. policy. This report is part of the project “Myanmar’s Growing Regional Role” (above).

As Project Manager for the collaborative report released by the National Bureau of Asian Research on Myanmar’s Growing Regional Role, Dr. Richardson-Barlow managed author submissions, directed content, and provided editing and layout support for this timely, one-of-a-kind publication, which can be downloaded here.

Book: China Energy Fund Committee, 2013 Gas Report (Co-editor)
China Energy Fund Committee, December 2013

In November 2013 Dr. Richardson-Barlow received an opportunity to work with the China Energy Fund Committee on their publication, CEFC: China Energy Focus, Natural Gas 2013. Working as co-editor with senior Chinese economists and energy practitioners was a great learning opportunity, and quite an eye opener as far as China’s natural gas market is concerned. The report can be downloaded at the CEFC’s website.

Article: Myanmar Steps into the Limelight (Author)
The National Bureau of Asian Research, December 2013

In December 2013, NBR released a compilation of articles on global issues to watch in 2014. Among those articles was a  written piece on Myanmar’s ASEAN Chairmanship.  This piece identified three measures for judging a successful ASEAN Chairmanship.

Report: Crafting Asia Economic Strategy (Research Associate, contributing author)
The Center for Strategic & International Studies, December 2013

As a research associate assigned to the production of this report, Dr. Richardson-Barlow’s work included background research, initial drafts of report materials, coordination between authors, and oversight of project funding and details.

Report: Global Value Chains(Project Manager, contributing author)
The Center for Strategic & International Studies, November 2013

Amid regional calls for greater connectivity, Asia is finding itself in the middle of a global push for more trade integration. Two large trade agreements, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, both aim to facilitate stronger regional trade of goods and services. This report, published by Scott Miller and Mathew Goodman, both of the Center for Strategic & International Studies, “with input from a wide variety of regional and topical experts, posits that developing a common, high-standard policy approach to value chains could pull together the various integration efforts to the substantial economic benefit of the entire region… offers eight recommendations for a broad-based APEC initiative building on existing work in the region on supply chains and connectivity” (CSIS, 2013).

Further work related to this report and subsequent projects can be found on the project page, or at CSIS.ORG.

Commentary: “Immigration Reforms Path to Prosperity” (Contributing Author)
The Center for Strategic & International Studies, April 2013

Since long before the Presidential election of 2012 immigration reform has been a topic of contention among all sides of the political spectrum. In 2013 the Center for Strategic & International Studies attempted to address this issue from a unique point of view–via the lens of the economic and trade relationship between India and the United States. Co-written by Scott Miller, the CSIS Scholl Chair in International Business and former Procter & Gamble trade representative, and Ambassador Karl Inderfurth, Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies, “Immigration Reforms Path to Prosperity” attempted to highlight the necessary evils of reform for economics sake. As a contributing author Dr. Richardson-Barlow found this article challenging to place  based upon a lack of interest in the greater DC area, yet extremely relevant based upon current political debates and economic realties in both the US and India. See for yourself, here.

Policy Newsletter: International Business Quarterly (Contributing Author)
The Center for Strategic & International Studies, October 2012-April 2013

Scott Miller, a senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a prestigious DC Think Tank, where he is the holder of the William M. Scholl Chair in International Business. Mr. Miller  is a leading expert in global trade policy, formerly of Procter & Gamble where he managed their trade policy.  Mr. Miller has been involved in a wide variety of business, investment, and trade issues facing the US government and leading US companies. Published quarterly, the International Business Quarterly was written by Mr. Miller with contributions and edits by Dr. Richardson-Barlow. And, truly, it was a pleasure!

  1. Vol. I, Issue I: Open for Business (October 2012)
  2. Vol. II, Issue I: Trade, Jobs, and Growth (January 2013)
  3. Vol. III, Issue II: The US Trade Agenda–Ambitious, But Problematic (April
Book: Star Spangled Security (Editorial Assistant) 
Brookings Institute Press, 2012

Early in her career, Dr. Richardson-Barlow provided fact checking, preparation and organization of all notes/footnotes, and organizational oversight between multiple parties involved in the production process, including the author, former Secretary of Defense Harold Brown.

*Additional, more detailed list of publications available on request.


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